Offering a range of packing services depending on your personal needs. Our team can pack your valuables for a safe transport from A to B, or securily and carefuly wrap your ornaments and furniture for storage purposes. Offering a high valued arts and paintings transportation or storage with a full comprehensive insurance. We are using a range of boxes in variable sizes for different purposes. Wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes, Large boxes for bulky items or clothes etc, Medium boxes for files and books or electrical equipment, Small boxes for fragile and high valued items, Wine boxes with bottle divider. We can supply packaging materials too if you decide to prepare yourself for your move.

Our boxes are Large: 18by18by20 inches Medium: 18by18by12 inches Small: 18by13by13 inch

Tall Wardrobe box: 18by20by48 inches Wine box with divider 14by14by14 inches (can house up to 16 bottles)